Loving Liam:  Cloverleaf #1; Tales From Birch Valley


Genres:  Romance

Published:  October 1, 2015

Read:  February 21, 2017

Kindle edition:  252 pages

My Rating:  4

Standalone with a HFN ending.  Liam and Rachel’s romance will contunue with the series.

POV:  Told in third-person alternating pespectives by main and secondary characters.

Series:  Cloverleaf:  #1 Loving Liam; #2 Maggie’s Marriage; #3 Patrick’s Promise; #4 Dating Daniel; and coming soon, #5 Chasing Chelsea


Rachel Montgomery’s family doesn’t think she can change—but she’s going to prove them wrong…

What could be more out of character for overly-cautious Rachel than moving sight unseen to the small town of Birch Valley to become the principal of the town’s only elementary school? When she arrives late on her first day, she realizes no one was expecting her, leading to conflict with the staff—and particularly with one handsome, emerald-eyed fourth grade teacher.

Liam O’Brien’s life is simple and easygoing, just the way he likes it—until he shows up for school following the holiday break…

Not only is his new boss the rude woman who stole his parking spot, she’s highly motivated to switch things up in his very traditional school, and Liam is not a fan of change. His inexplicable attraction to the petite blonde complicates matters, as Rachel is adamant that she didn’t move all the way to Birch Valley to get involved in any kind of romance.

But as conflicts are resolved, family ties might draw Liam and Rachel together…

Rachel discovers Liam’s family is loving and supportive, particularly his mother Mary—unlike Rachel’s own mother. She bonds with his brothers and his sister Maggie, and it almost seems too good to be true.

Can they work through their differences and compromise enough to build a lasting relationship?

Or will Rachel be unable to let her guard down long enough to take a chance on…

Loving Liam.


My Review:

Loving Liam (Cloverleaf #1)Loving Liam by Gloria Herrmann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cover: 5

*I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this novel via Gloria Herrmann.*

Liam and Rachel…..

This novel pulled at all my heart-strings. At the time of my writing Loving Liam’s review, I admit to having just finished the series. (except for Chasing Chelsea which is coming soon) I was just so engrossed that I didn’t want to stop reading until I was done with them all. That said, I realize I will have to be careful writing this review without giving too much away. You see, this book has a happy ending however Liam and Rachel’s story will continue with each new book in the series. The continuation of their relationship will develop and grow over time. In fact, we will have written perspectives from several other characters as well.

Liam and Rachel’s story was not a typical angsty romance with an HEA. There is more to their tale. After I reached about 25%, I realized this book was written differently than what I had expected. That is not a complaint. Liam and Rachel don’t actually meet until around 30% in. Before that, we are given pictures into their current lives, the types of people they are, their families, and friends.

Liam and Rachel were opposites in many ways. And although there is chemistry and attraction between them, they did not get off to a good start. I would describe their relationship as love/hate.

Liam was a a great hero. He was family oriented, respectful, smart and morally strong. His values were impressive and we don’t always read about guys like Liam. Of course he was gorgeous and sexy, too.

Rachel decided something was missing from her life so she wanted to make a change. She accepted a job as an elementary school principal in a small, picturesque Washington town. Rachel was thrilled with her new job. She wanted to make the school even better so she made some small changes. These changes didn’t sit well with many of the teachers. Especially one fourth grade teacher in particular.

Liam is angry with the new principal. Who does she think she is to come in his school and try to change things? Rachel and Liam did not meet eye-to-eye and their personalities clashed repeatedly. However their shared anger only seemed to intensify and fuel the chemistry between them.

But of course as time goes by, their feelings for each other grow and change as well. But are they able to make a relationship work when there are significant issues between them? The most prominent being…..Rachel is Liam’s boss.

Another factor I enjoyed in this book was Liam’s family. They were perfect. Liam has two brothers, Patrick who is older and Daniel, his younger one. His sister Maggie is the youngest of the O’Brien siblings. There are nephews and a niece as well that add charm to the story. Liam’s mother was the big-hearted and compassionate matriarch of the family. The entire O’Brien family was delightful and charming. I often found myself wishing I was invited to their traditional Sunday dinners..

This novel was sweet; a clean romance. I could actually see this charming family starring in their own Hallmark mini-series. You will enjoy seeing what comes next for them.

One more point I’d like to add was how picturesque the monologue was. It was very easy to tell by the attention to details given that Gloria Herrmann is a talented storyteller. I was able to see and feel and this made the story that much more enjoyable.

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Author Bio:

Gloria Herrmann

Gloria Herrmann is an author living in beautiful eastern Washington. All of her books have been set in Washington, and she is eager to share how gorgeous her state is with readers.

An avid reader and lover of words, becoming an author has been a dream come true for her. She still pinches herself all the time, and wonders how she got so lucky.

She released her debut novel, Loving Liam, the first book in The Cloverleaf Series in October of 2015, and three more titles from this series have been released by Limitless Publishing. Gloria wrote Single in Seattle, a three book erotic contemporary series that will be released by Totally Bound in early 2017. She has several self-published titles that are also available at Amazon.com.

To find out more about her books and current projects, please visit the links below.

EMAIL: authorgloriaherrmann@gmail.com

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