Maggie’s Marriage:  Cloverleaf #2, Tales From Birch Valley


Genres:  Romance

Published:  January 5, 2016

Read: February 22, 2017

Kindle edition:  322 pages

My Rating:  4

POV:  Told in third-person alternating perspectives by main and secondary characters.

Standalone with HFN ending.  Maggie and Michael’s relationship will continue to thrive in the continuing series.

Series:  Cloverleaf:  #1 Loving Liam; #2 Maggie’s Marriage; #3 Patrick’s Promise; #4 Dating Daniel and coming soon, #5 Chasing Chelsea


Marriage is hard work, but no one ever told Maggie it would be this hard…

How did life end up so completely turned upside down? When Maggie Tremblye took her vows more than six years ago, she didn’t anticipate becoming just a wife, just a mother, and no longer…Maggie.

It’s impossible to cling to the bit of self-identity you have left when you’re someone’s everything…

Meeting and falling in love with Michael Trembley, a young and handsome attorney, was the easy part. Moving away from her family, raising their six-year-old daughter almost singlehandedly, and learning she is now pregnant again is an entirely a different story. All she wants to do is retreat back home to Birch Valley and her loud and loving family, the O’Briens. So when Maggie hits her breaking point, she takes their daughter and reluctantly leaves Michael to his endless hours at the office.

To be on top, you have to make sacrifices…

Michael Trembley wants to be the best—the best corporate defense attorney, the best son, dad, and husband—but he falls short in the last two on his list of priorities. Now his perfect world is anything but. The distance from his family is a major wakeup call, but what is he willing to sacrifice to make it right?

The journey of life is full of twists and turns. Will Maggie and Michael survive this bump in the road, or will their perfect idea of a family fall completely apart?


My Review:

Maggie's Marriage (Cloverleaf #2)Maggie’s Marriage by Gloria Herrmann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cover: 4

Maggie and Michael…..

The second book in the Cloverleaf series continues with Maggie’s Marriage. If you read book one, Loving Liam, than you already guessed that Maggie was having some stressful issues in her marriage with Michael Trembley.

Maggie and Michael have been married nearly eight years and have an adorable daughter named Melanie. Unlike the rest of the O’Brien family, who calls Birch Valley home, Maggie lives five hours away in Seattle. Michael is a lawyer who has been trying for the past several years to impress his bosses so that he will be offered a partnership in the law firm. He has been working non-stop, sacrificing family time and missing out on so much. Maggie and Melanie miss his presence deeply. Unfortunately, Michael is too involved with work to take notice. No matter how many times Maggie has discussed the situation with him, the answer is always the same. “I’m doing this for our future.” Maggie is just so worried that they won’t have a future.

When Maggie can no longer take Michael’s absences and broken promises, she seeks a change and the support of her family in Birch Valley.

Michael will eventually come to his senses however it is not a fast and easy fix. I loved watching the dynamic between Maggie and Michael evolve positively. But as I stated, the journey wasn’t easy.

In this book, we also have a continuation of Liam and Rachel’s relationship. (Loving Liam) We are also given glimpses of other members of the O’Brien family as well and we are able to read about some of their own thoughts and feelings through their own perspectives.

This romance was delightfully sweet and clean. I was touched with many different emotions. If I was asked what would make me enjoy this book even more, it would have been to have more POV from Michael.

But still…it was a beautiful storytelling of love, faith and family.

Next up in the series is Patrick’s Promise. Patrick is the oldest sibling in the O’Brien family. He is also the one I believe is most in need of healing.

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Author Bio:

Gloria Herrmann

Gloria Herrmann is an author living in beautiful eastern Washington. All of her books have been set in Washington, and she is eager to share how gorgeous her state is with readers.

An avid reader and lover of words, becoming an author has been a dream come true for her. She still pinches herself all the time, and wonders how she got so lucky.

She released her debut novel, Loving Liam, the first book in The Cloverleaf Series in October of 2015, and three more titles from this series have been released by Limitless Publishing. Gloria wrote Single in Seattle, a three book erotic contemporary series that will be released by Totally Bound in early 2017. She has several self-published titles that are also available at

To find out more about her books and current projects, please visit the links below.