Patrick’s Promise:  Cloverleaf #3 by Gloria Herrmann


Genres:  Romance

Published:  April 5, 2016

Read:  February 22, 2017

My Rating:  4

Standalone with HFN ending.  We will hear more from Patrick anf Amber as the series continues.

POV:  Told in third-person alternating perspectives by main and secondary characters.

Series:  Cloverleaf:  #1 Loving Liam; #2 Maggie’s Marriage; #3 Patrick’s Promise; #4 Dating Daniel and coming soon, #5 Chasing Chelsea


Promises are meant to be kept—but Patrick O’Brien is too numb with grief…

Patrick hasn’t been able to move past the loss of his wife, who died while delivering his twin boys—Finn and Connor. While life continues around him, he is left in a state of emotional suspension, unable to honor his final vow to his wife and move on after she is gone.

Faking it only goes so far…

Always known as the moody older brother, Patrick maintains his distance from his overbearing but loving family. He’s barely coping, but still finds a way to be the best father he can to his sons.

Amber Miller returns home and finds more than the small town she left behind…

With her son in tow, Amber reluctantly returns to Birch Valley when her parents ask for help. Their well-known diner, Herrick’s, is a staple in the community. But more than that, her father is ill, and they need the extra set of hands to keep the place going.

Lonely hearts attract…

When Patrick and Amber cross paths, their instant attraction catches both off guard. Working through their own kinds of grief, the two must figure out what they want for their future—even if it’s not each other.

Losing someone you love is devastating, but learning to love again comes with its own challenges.

Is he strong enough to risk his heart? Or will running from love be the ultimate betrayal of Patrick’s Promise?


My Review:

Patrick's Promise (Cloverleaf #3)Patrick’s Promise by Gloria Herrmann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cover: 5

Patrick and Amber…..

Cloverleaf continues with the third book, Patrick’s Promise. Of all the O’Brien siblings, it was Patrick’s story I was most anticipating. Patrick is the oldest; nearly 40. He is also the one with a heartbreaking past. For the past four years, he has lived with the grief of tragically losing his wife. Beth died as a result of a car accident. But thank God the doctors were able to save the babies (twins) she was pregnant with. Finn and Cooper.

Patrick has never been able to let go of his grief and pain. He is understandably moody and his family walks on egg shells around him.

Amber Miller returns to Birch Valley to help with her family diner. Her father has been sick and her parents need her. Amber is worried about her father being ill, however she plans to use this opportunity for herself to heal. You see…Amber has also lost a spouse tragically. Her husband died two years ago. She too is still grieving, along with her preteen son.

Patrick and Amber are instantly attracted to each other which comes as a surprise to them both. Neither was looking for another relationship. Fortunately they are the perfect medicine to help each other open up and heal their hearts. This is not something that happens quickly or easily. As a matter of fact, guilt plays a big part of causing Patrick to put emotional distance between them. Like that would even work. Once Patrick realizes how much he cares for Amber, they are able to move forward. Together. I liked Patrick; he was an amazing brother and father. Protective of those he loved. But I really adored Amber. For all that she had been through and give the fact she only had half the time to grieve that Patrick had, she was emotional strong. She saw a chance at love again and was willing to take it.

The ending of the book was good, a happy for now. However, we will hear more from Patrick and Amber as well as other characters in the next book, Dating Daniel.

Patrick’s Promise was another heartwarming, sweet and romantic addition to the Cloverleaf series.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this novel.*

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Author Bio:

Gloria Herrmann

Gloria Herrmann is an author living in beautiful eastern Washington. All of her books have been set in Washington, and she is eager to share how gorgeous her state is with readers.

An avid reader and lover of words, becoming an author has been a dream come true for her. She still pinches herself all the time, and wonders how she got so lucky.

She released her debut novel, Loving Liam, the first book in The Cloverleaf Series in October of 2015, and three more titles from this series have been released by Limitless Publishing. Gloria wrote Single in Seattle, a three book erotic contemporary series that will be released by Totally Bound in early 2017. She has several self-published titles that are also available at

To find out more about her books and current projects, please visit the links below.