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This was a great reading month!  I read so many amazing 5 Star rated!  I was able to read and review 28 titles this month.  Of the 28 titles, 14 of them were ARCs.  I usually try to limit the amount of ARCs I read each month because I want to be able to enjoy some of the hundreds of novels on my TBR.  So although half of my reading was ARCs, I didn’t mind because several of them were from my list.  Not only that, but I actually did read a few that were sitting on my list a while.  Yeah me 👏!

My February ratings ranged from 3.5 to 5 stars.  Among those, 13 were 5 stars.  I realy did have a pleasurable reading month.  That said, at the bottom of this page I will post links to a few that I feel went above and beyond the 5, based on the fact that they cause nail biting 😉.




  • Saint Jude (Los Angeles Bad Boys #1) by Frankie Love
  • The Valentine Quest (Love At The Chocolate Shop #5) by Melissa McClone (ARC)
  • Delve by Jacob Chance
  • Quiver by Jacob Chance
  • Delude by Jacob Chance (ARC)
  • Stupid Cupid (Crystal Cove Holiday) by Dee Ellis (ARC)
  • Damage Control (Dirty Money #2) by Lisa Rene Jones (ARC)
  • Like A Boss by Logan Chance
  • Love A Boss by Logan Chance
  • A Cowboy’s Temptation by Michelle Beattie (ARC)
  • Leo Rising (Fire and Water #1) by Christine Besze (ARC)
  • Aries Fire (Fire and Water #2) by Christine Besze (ARC)
  • Screwed by Luke prescott


Rated:  4.5

  • Stripping Callum (Last Hangman MC #6) by Muriel Garcia (ARC)
  • The Billionaires Secret Babies by Peny Wylder


Rated:  4

  • Cold Hard Cash (Los Angeles Bad Boys #1) by Frankie Love
  • Red Hots: A Valentines Anthology by various authors:  caitlyn Lynch, Tally Bane, Ava Bari, Annalee Locke, R.A. Stone, Ariel Bishop, Livvy Ward, Sera Taino, Barbara Be, Abbigail Clark, Liadain Douglas, Briar McKenna, Gwen Marshall, Annika Steele, Margot Wren, Vanessa Sweet, V.T. Charbonneau, Christina Rose Andrews (ARC)
  • Naughty Doctor by Maddie King (ARC)
  • When She’s Mine by Dani Wyatt
  • Life Saver by Harper Dell
  • Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward
  • The Virgin and the Firefighter by Ava Sterling
  • Loving Liam (Cloverleaf #1) by Gloria Herrman
  • Maggie’s Marriage (Cloverleaf #2) by Gloria Herrmann
  • Patrirck’s Promise (Cloverleaf #3) by Gloria Herrman
  • Dating Daniel (Cloverleaf #4) by Gloria Herrmann
  • Quake by Jacob Chance


Rated:  3.5

  • Hollywood Holden (Los Angeles Bad Boys #2) by Frankie Love


Top Five Favorite Covers:  (What do you think?)

#1  Delude – Jacob Chance


#2 Screwed – Luke Prescott


#3 Like A Boss – Logan Chance


#4 Loving Liam – Gloria Herrmann


#5 Saint Jude – Frankie Love


My Review links for my “Five Star” February Stand outs are:


In No Particular Order:

25789931     Review For: Leo Rising (Fire and Water #1) by Christine Besze


30780403     Review For: Aries Fire (Fire and Water #2) by Christine Besze


33534075     Review For: Delude by Jacob Chance


31885510-1     Review For: Saint Jude (Los Angeles Bad Boys #3) by Frankie Love


💘💘💘Until Next Month….Happy Reading Everyone.💘💘💘