A San Diegan Novel Book Two


S. M. Soto

Genre:  #Romance #FriendsToLovers #Standalone

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Publication:  May 15th 2018

Read:  April 11th 2018  (ARC)

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

Kindle Edition:  350 pages

Series:  San Diegan:  The Darkest Hour; Scoring The Quarterback; & next is Damaged Heart

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An epic Frenemies to lovers romance…

Luke Caldwell has three abhorrent qualities to him:
1) He’s a pig-headed jock.
2) He’s a grade A asshole with the biggest, overbearing ego.
3) He’s a manwhore.

These three qualities alone should’ve had me running for the hills. I tried to steer clear of him, I really did, but it was an impossible feat. Luke Caldwell was nothing if not persistent and the way he bulldozed through my life, not taking no for an answer is proof of it.

I tried to stay away from him.

I wanted to hate him. But I couldn’t.

Luke was nothing like the idiot jock I pegged him out to be. He became a friend, a confidant, and after one unforgettable night, he became so much more.
Whatever this is between us, it’s impossible to ignore. I just hope when all is said and done, I won’t be burned by the college bad boy.

Scoring the Quarterback is book two in the San Diegan Series, a series of Standalone novels.

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Scoring the Quarterback (The San Diegan, #2)Scoring the Quarterback by S.M. Soto

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing book! 5 Stars!

I truly loved everything about this book. It was not your typical college romance story. The H/h did not just jump into bed together. In fact their relationship was a steamy, slow burn. Just how I hoped it would be. The slow pace of their developing relationship was perfect. Natalia and Luke don’t get off to a perfect start. He is the arrogant star football player, man whore and she is the quiet, independent, hard-working student. Total opposites.

What I enjoyed was how Luke’s true persona was revealed over time. Natalia was an open book. I hated her upbringing. Immensely. However, I believe those earlier years are what shaped her to be the beautiful young woman she is. I also loved that despite how innocent she was, Natalia was not naive.

So Luke and Natalia decide it’s best to be friends. It wasn’t long before they became best friends. And I’m sure you can guess what happens eventually. I loved the emotional feels throughout the story. I adored the secondary characters. (well, most of them) This story had angst and while there wasn’t really suspense, I found myself guessing at the plot, wondering how the author would wrap this up.

This is my first book by this S.M. Soto. I will soon be going back to read book one in this series and look forward to book three as well.

I want to add that this book brought me enjoyment as well as complete satisfaction with how it turned out. The epilogue was perfect! Two weeks later and I’m still feeling this amazing book. I totally recommend this read!

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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