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October 2018

📝REVIEW📝 ~ Luke’s Gift: The Harlow Brothers Book Two ~ By Kaylie Newell ~ Genre: #Romance #HolidayRomance #ChristmasRomance



By Kaylie Newell

Genres:  #Romance #HolidayRomance #ChristmasRomance

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Publication:  November 1st 2018

Read:  October 19th 2018  (ARC provided via Netgalley)

POV:  Third-person dual pespectives

Series:  The Harlow Brothers:  Tanner’s Promise; Luke’s Gift

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Luke’s Gift Synopsis:

After serving in the Army, Luke Harlow returns home in time for the holidays to help his brothers raise their twelve-year-old half-sister. With his new job as Marietta’s police officer, Luke finds himself in the middle of a festive mystery that the entire town will want solved before Christmas morning.

Mary Best is Marietta Courier’s most promising young reporter. When she starts spending time with sexy Luke Harlow to write an article about his heroic military service, she begins to suspect there’s more to this new police recruit than meets the eye. He’s kind, generous, and very mysterious. When anonymous gifts start appearing around town for people in need, Mary knows there’s a story there. A magical one. It doesn’t take long for the breadcrumbs to lead right back to Luke.

As the gifts pile up, so does everyone’s urge to unmask Marietta’s secret Santa. Luke is deeply private, and Mary is deeply curious- opposites who’ll find themselves tumbling toward each other amidst the snowy backdrop of a town fully embraced in the spirit of Christmas. But when Mary uncovers Luke’s secret, will she be able to bury her reporter’s instincts for the sake of love? And will Luke finally be able to trust someone with his heart?

IMG_7439 (2)

📝My Review📝:

Luke's Gift (The Harlow Brothers Book 2)Luke’s Gift by Kaylie Newell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars!

Luke’s Gift was a sweet story with likable characters. The premise was a bit predictable but I didn’t mind that. Watching Luke and Mary grow into something more than friendship was sweet. I inferred pretty quickly that these two characters would not have an easy time trying to develop anything more than friendship. Yes, there is a bit of angst if you’re wondering.

Luke is back from his stint in the military trying to find purpose with his life. He has a job, a home, and his younger brother and sister to keep him grounded. But something is still missing. While Luke does not suffer with typical PTSD, he did not come home from war unscathed. He is more than just a decent man. Luke is caring, generous, and loyal. I liked him a lot. But he has secrets. Secrets that he keeps from Mary.

Mary loves Marietta and her job at the local paper as a journalist. When she is offered a job in New York City; she becomes insecure about leaving Montana. And at the same time, Katie is looking for more in her life and career. She is torn with what to do.

When Mary and Luke meet, their connection is immediate and strong. But because she may be leaving town, and Luke is still trying to adjust to civilian, they are hesitant to start anything. That said, their feelings for each other begin to grow strong despite them taking things slow. And there is that secret that Luke is keeping that just might push them apart for good.

Or maybe it will bring them together. You’ll just have to read the book to find out.

If you know me, then you know I love the books Tule publishing releases having to do with Marietta, Montana. If you’ve read the books about Marietta, Montana from Tule that are Christmas romances, then you know this town goes all out. And that was where my only disappointment with this book lies. Aside from a date at the Graff, Mary and Luke did not partake in the usual Marietta Christmas activities, such as the Stroll. I missed that.

Regardless of what was missing, I did enjoy reading this book. It was a good story to help put me in the Christmas spirit.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


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BLOG TOUR ~ A True Cowboy Cristmas ~ By Caitlin Crews ~ Genre: #Romance #HolidayRomance #ChristmasRomance ~ Available Now!


True Cowboy Christmas_Cover


From USA Today bestselling author Caitlin Crews comes A True Cowboy Christmas, the first in a sensational series debut about a cowboy, a farm girl, and the greatest gift of all. . .

Gray Everett has a heart of gold but that doesn’t mean he believes in the magic of Christmas. He’s got plenty else to worry about this holiday season, what with keeping his cattle ranch in the family and out of the hands of hungry real-estate investors looking to make a down-and-dirty deal. That, plus being a parent to his young and motherless daughter, equals a man who will not rest until he achieves his mission. Now, all Gray needs is the help of his lifelong neighbor. . .who happens to have grown into a lovely, spirited woman.

For Abby Douglas, the chance to join forces with Gray is nothing less than a Christmas miracle. Much as the down-to-earth farmer’s daughter has tried to deny it, Abby’s been in love with stern, smoking-hot Gray her whole life. So when Gray proposes a marriage of convenience as a way to combine land—and work together toward a common cause—Abby can’t refuse. But how can she convince Gray that sometimes life offers a man a second chance for a reason. . .and that their growing trust and mutual passion may be leading to true and lasting love?



“Why would you try to tell me that chemistry doesn’t matter? Of course it does.”

“I’m not saying it doesn’t matter. But sheer stubborn- ness matters more.” He heard the intensity in his voice, but did nothing to temper it. “If people want to stay married, they do. If they want that marriage to be a good one, they work on it and make it that way. It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t require your online profiles. You don’t need to get matched on your smart phone. You make a commit- ment to someone, then you keep it. It’s as simple and as hard as that.”

He watched in fascination as her hands curled into fists at her sides.

“I appreciate that you have experience being married, and that gives you a platform to make sweeping state- ments,” she said, her voice low, as if she was fighting back her own intensity. “That’s great. But you’re missing that I’m not interested in the state of marriage in a general sense. I’m telling you I am not going to marry someone I have no chemistry with. That has nothing to do with me being stubborn, not stubborn, or insufficiently committed. It’s actually all about the fact that I’m not staggering around in a grief-induced daze, proposing marriage to people I’ve never looked at twice before in my whole life.”

That should have annoyed him, because he wasn’t dazed. Amos had been a mean, unhealthy old man. His death hadn’t been a real surprise. Gray wasn’t sure he was


grieving him so much as the father Amos had never been, and he knew he wasn’t crazy with it. But he couldn’t seem to lose his grin, especially when he moved closer to her.

Because when he did, she lost that scowl. Her eyes went wide, that cute flush brightened up her face again, and she had to tip her head back to look at him. Not as much as some of the other girls he’d dated had, as she’d pointed out. Gray liked that too. He didn’t have to hunker over her.

She was . . . right there.

He had an urge and went with it. He reached over and curled his fingers around her ponytail, then pulled them gently along the length of it.

And figured the chemistry question was answered by the way her breath went shuddery.

But he didn’t end it there.

“If I’m following all this,” he said, his drawl low. Thick. “You don’t actually have any objections. You think we maybe ought to date first. You’re worried we don’t have chemistry. But at the end of the day, you’re not opposed to the idea.”

“It’s crazy. And I’m worried that you’re crazy, in a clin- ical sense.”

“If you agree to marry me, I’ll take you on a date or two. If that’s what you want.” His hand was still tangled in her hair, and he was close enough now that he could catch her scent. Gray breathed deep. She smelled like rosemary. And something that reminded him of the pies she and her grandmother had brought over the day after the funeral, warm and good. Right. “But we can settle the other question right here.”

“What do you mean . . . ?”

Gray didn’t wait. He didn’t answer her question, half stammered out with her hazel eyes so wide they looked like summer gold.


He used his free hand to cup her cheek, flushed and smooth beneath his palm. Then he bent—only a little, which struck him as unexpectedly hot—to take her mouth with his.

He felt her tremble. And there was something about the way she melted into him as their lips touched, then brushed, as if she was being pulled by some kind of magnetic force he was half certain he could feel himself.

Gray had only meant to kiss her to make a point. The way a gentleman might, not that he’d ever met too many gentlemen out here where the mountains and the land were the only things that mattered.

But Abby’s lips were soft and velvety beneath his. And she made a tiny sound in the back of her throat that he could feel like a flickering flame.

Before he knew it, Gray was angling his head to one side and licking his way into her mouth.

As if he couldn’t help himself.
And everything got hot. Bright. Impossible.
This was Abby Douglas. Abby Douglas. There was

something deliciously wrong about it being Abby that made it hotter, wilder.

It rolled in him and made a joke of him imagining he was in control of any of this. Of her.

Of this sudden storm of sensation that would have taken him off his feet, if that didn’t mean he would have had to let go of her.

When the door slapped open, both of his hands were sunk deep into her hair, and Abby was up on her toes, pressed against him, her arms wrapped around his back.

It turned out Gray wasn’t going to have to worry about easing his way into some or other form of eventual chem- istry with the woman he already knew would make him a good rancher’s wife. He was going to have to worry about


what the hell to do with all this chemistry—so much it was like a lightning storm and he kept getting hit—with a woman he’d never paid the slightest attention to until his father’s funeral.

The fact that the front door had opened penetrated the heat and fog that was swirling around him.



Caitlin Crews

USA Today-bestselling, RITA-nominated, and critically-acclaimed author Caitlin Crews has written more than seventy-five books, including FrenemiesPrincess from the PastA Royal Without Rules, and Undone by the Sultan’s Touch. She’s won fans with her romance, Harlequin Presents, women’s fiction, chick lit, and work-for-hire young adult novels, many of which she writes as Megan Crane (including the dystopian Viking romance Edge series). These days her focus is on contemporary romance in all its forms, from small town heat to international glamour, cowboys to bikers to military men and beyond. She’s taught creative writing classes in places like UCLA Extension’s prestigious Writers’ Program, gives assorted workshops on occasion, and attempts to make use of the MA and PhD in English Literature she received from the University of York in York, England. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with a husband who draws comics and animation storyboards, and their menagerie of ridiculous animals.



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NEW COVERS!!!! ~ The Fighting Series, Titles: Fighting for a Second Chance, Fighting with Faith, Fighting for your Touch, and Fighting for your Love, Author: Nikki Ash  Genre: New Adult Standalone ~ Available Now!

Series: The Fighting Series
Titles: Fighting for a Second Chance, Fighting with Faith, Fighting for your Touch, and Fighting for your Love
Author: Nikki Ash 
Genre: New Adult Standalone
Cover Designer: Juliana Cabrera, Jersey Girl Designs
I am an eighteen year old high school graduate who has just experienced my first… well, everything. I would give anything to hold on to Cooper but we made a decision. After thirty hours of falling in lust, after tonight we are parting ways. I am starting college and I can’t be distracted. Besides he has his own life to get back to. 

The moment I saw her I knew she was the one but what my heart wants it doesn’t get. I know how life works. I have been fighting most of my life. My dad was a fighter and so was his dad. I watched my mom cheat on him and in return he destroyed her. I will never do that to a woman. I get thirty hours with Liz and then we are both walking away. At the end of the day, all we will have is the memories we have created here in Miami.
Five years later Liz runs into Cooper only he has no idea that memories weren’t the only thing they created in Miami. He broke her heart once the day he left and her heart is now guarded. Will he succeed in winning her heart back a second time? The only thing he knows for sure is that he is fighting for a second chance and this time he will not let her go.

Growing up, my parents were the embodiment of love. The perfect example of soul mates. And with that ideal I couldn’t wait to find my true love. 

The day I met her my entire world shifted on its axis and I knew she was the one. The problem is, how do you convince someone they are your soulmate when they don’t even believe in love? There was a time I believed that love truly conquered all, but now I’m losing Faith.
My mom once said, “Love isn’t concrete. It’s an emotion and emotions are abstract. They change. You don’t make decisions based on something abstract because if you do, you are setting yourself up for failure.”

I didn’t understand her words at the time. I was young and in love and if you had asked me to define what I was feeling it would have consisted of words such as affection, warmth, happiness, butterflies, happily ever after.

Now after experiencing heartbreak firsthand my definition of love is a bit different. It consists of words like messy, heartbreak, waste of time, unrealistic, fake.

Until I met him. He reminded me of all the words love felt like before my heart was broken. He wanted to show me the beauty in the abstract but all I could see was the concrete.


As a teenager I learned firsthand how untrustworthy and cruel a woman could be. She destroyed me from the inside out and took everything from me. The first chance I got, I ran, and have been running from my past ever since.

Until I met Hayley.
She’s a complete game changer.
She’s everything I never thought a woman could be.
She’s honest and sincere and completely selfless,
And by some miracle she’s fighting for me.

I’m learning if I want to keep her, I’m going to need to find the courage to fight for us instead of finding the strength to run.


I fell in love once and it was amazing. Until it wasn’t. I swore to protect her. Until I didn’t. I swore to love her forever. Until forever came too soon.
After I lost her, I swore I would never fall in love again. Until I met Ashley.

I depended on a man once. Until he walked out. I gave him my everything. Until he left me and our son with nothing. From then on I knew the only person I could depend on was myself. Until I met Kaden.
I’m not sure when or how it happened, but Kaden has embedded himself into my life, stealing my heart. Sounds like a good thing, right?
Wrong! Because while Kaden has my heart locked and secure, his heart was given to a woman who can’t give it back.
Now I am fighting for his love, hoping he can leave his past behind him and find a future with me.



RELEASE BLITZ ~ Title: Claiming Candy, Author: Madison Faye, Genre: Contemporary Romance ~ Available Now!


Title: Claiming Candy
Author: Madison Faye
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 29, 2018


Trick or Treat, Candy’s sweet.
We’ll give her something hard to eat.
We’ve waited long, behind jail bars.
But this Halloween, we’ll make her ours…
Rough, untamed, and
recently escaped from the psych ward at Tucker Prison. They say we’re
dangerous—that we’re a couple of animals. That we’re unhinged, deranged
…They ain’t wrong.
Tonight, we’re on
the run, and on the prowl. And when we tumble upon the “date” auction at the
local college sorority and see her up on that auction stage?
Well, we know we’ve found our prize.
She’s far too
innocent for two big, hardened, beasts like us. But, that
ain’t gonna stop us. Nothing will. There’ll be no shaking us once we’ve caught
a scent of her, no holding us back once we’ve gotten a peek of those sweet
curves and honeyed lips.
She’s never been
touched. We’ve gone far too long without. And tonight, little
red is about to meettwo big bad wolves out in the woods.
Two big mouths, the
better to eat her with. Four big hands, the better to hold her
tight between us with. Two big…well, let’s just say the better to claim her
Something wicked her
way comes. Two somethings, actually. And tonight, sweet little Candy is about
to find two things that go bump in the night…
Grab some candy,
hunker down, and get ready to pull the blankets up to your eyes! If you’re
looking for hot, wild, a little scary, and fun, with a big ‘ole helping of
wrong, you’re in the right place! This book contains themes that may be
triggering to some readers. But, if you’re brave enough to get through it, I
promise there’ll be a treat for you at the end ;).
This mfm romance
is all about her – no m/m. As with all my books, this standalone novella has no
cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.


Purchase Links
99c for a limited time
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
#1 bestselling contemporary romance author Madison Faye is
the dirty alter ego of the very wholesome, very normal suburban housewife
behind the stories. While she might be a wife, mom, and PTA organizer on the
outside, there’s nothing but hot, steamy, and raunchy fantasies brewing right
beneath the surface!

Tired of keeping them hidden inside or only having them come out in the
bedroom, they’re all here in the form of some wickedly hot stories.
Single-minded alpha hero, sinfully taboo relationships, and wildly over-the-top
scenarios. If you love it extra dirty, extra hot, and extra naughty, this is
the place for you! (Just don’t tell the other PTA members you saw her here…)

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starter-library books!

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RELEASE BLITZ ~ Stealing Reese by Xana Jordan ~ Genre: Contemporary Romance Series: A Wildcat Graduates Novel ~ Available Now!


Presents : Release Blitz
Stealing Reese
by Xana Jordan

US | UK | CA | AU

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: A Wildcat Graduates Novel
Playing Baseball means the the world to me. Seeing all of my close college buddies finding a good woman to settle down with should make me want that special something, too. But it doesn’t. No matter how unimportant it may seem to others, baseball is where my heart lies.
Being exclusive with one person isn’t something I’m interested in. I had the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I wanted to do it. No obligations. No commitments. No responsibilities to anyone other than myself. That’s how I needed things to be. At least that’s what I had planned.
She took me by surprise, knocked me off base, but I didn’t have time to give in to our mutual attraction. Her decision to move on is just what I wanted, until she actually did.
She may be with him now, but little does he know I’ll be the one Stealing Reese.
Follow the Author
About the Author
Xana Jordan is an Arkansas girl who finally decided to let the stories in her head to put on paper. She loves to cook and read, and when she’s not doing those things, you can always find her writing, assisted by her cat, lovingly nicknamed Diva and Princess.
Her first book, Loving Noel, launched the Wildcat Graduated series, and now contains five books, with three more in the works. She has co-authored a series named Winter Haven with Michelle Rene, and its first book is titled Nixon. Three more books are being written for that series.
She has an amazing husband and two wonderful children who support her and keep her busy and entertained.
Wildcat Graduates Series Links and Reading Order:
Loving Noel
Claiming Xana
Catching Mallory
Entrusting Cade
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NEW RELEASE ~ P.S. I Dare You By Winter Renshaw ~ #Romance ~ Available Now!








Dear Ms. Keane,

Before this ridiculous little arrangement commences, I’d like to make myself indubitably clear: I know who you are, I know that my father hired you, I know why my father hired you, and lastly, your services aren’t needed.

In fact, I want no part of my father’s billion-dollar empire, and him “gifting” me with one of the “best concierges in the county” won’t change that. He’s wasting his money. You’re wasting your time.

However, seeing as how you foolishly signed an ironclad contract with an Act of God clause and my father has strong-armed me into taking this position, it appears as though we’re stuck together—at least until your contract is up next month.

That said, our time together at WellesTech should be relatively painless but please don’t fool yourself into thinking I don’t notice when that pretty little stare lingers a little too long or the way your breath catches when our hands graze. You’re fascinated by me and it kills you because you can hardly stand to be in the same room as me.

Think I’m a problem worth solving? An impossible riddle worth figuring out? By all means, go ahead and try. Solve for X. Crack the code. It might even be fun (but only for me, not you).


Calder Welles, II

P.S. I dare you.


The fuck.
Was that?
She’s the woman my father hired? The girl who spilled her coffee down her shirt after bumping into me in the hall?
That’s fucking golden. I can’t even be mad right now.
It makes perfect sense.
He brought on an assistant who happens to have all of the qualities he thinks I lack. She’s civil, tactful, punctual, classy as fuck.
I bet he thinks she’s going to be a good influence on me, like she can fucking domesticate me and turn me into a Corporate American civil servant.
Poor thing. She doesn’t realize she stepped inside the lion’s ring with nothing but a flimsy whip and a barstool. I’m not that easily tamed.
Regardless, I don’t know her name, but already I’m impressed. She’s not afraid to stand up for herself. I like that. If she’d given me a chance to explain, I’d have told her that’s what I meant when I said she was exactly my type.
I’m not a moron. I know she didn’t think I was flirting with her. I know she didn’t come back over because she wanted me. Quite the opposite. I saw the contention in that caramel-brown gaze of hers.
I also sensed a very raw, very real mutual attraction brewing—and that’s why I called it like it was and referred to her as a snack.
It was for the best.
I didn’t come here tonight to get laid. I’ve got bigger, more important things on my mind.
I watch the pretty little brunette with the black sweater grab her bag from her booth and storm out of the bar, her blonde friend in tow, and I toss back the rest of my Hennessy in one swallow.
Slapping some cash on the table, I take off and head back home, this time opting to walk.
Fresh air.
Deep thoughts.
A strong drink coursing through my veins.
If I’m lucky, these things plus a good night’s sleep will work together, helping me come to terms with what I’ve got to do in the morning.
Making my way through a crosswalk, I pass one of those sickeningly sweet couples walking hand-in-hand with that new-in-love look in their shiny eyes.
That kind of thing has never appealed to me, and if I’m being honest, a long-term relationship baked in exclusivity seems like a prison sentence. Who the hell wants someone they have to report to? Someone who has to know where they are at all times? Someone who expects them to be there when they call? Someone who has access to every aspect of their life?
It’s Bridgeforth Academy all over again, only the relationship version.


Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author Winter Renshaw is a bona fide daydream believer. She lives somewhere in the middle of the USA and can rarely be seen without her trusty Mead notebook and ultra portable laptop. When she’s not writing, she’s living the American dream with her husband, three kids, and the laziest puggle this side of the Mississippi.

And if you’d like to be the first to know when a new book is coming out, please sign up for her private mailing list here —>

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NEW RELEASE ~ Cards Of Love: Judgement By Jenika Snow ~ #DarkRomance ~ Available Now!


I would kill for her.

HarperThe night Arsen killed my father was the first time I realized the lengths he’d go to keep me safe. He might have done it to protect me, but he was still convicted and locked away for seven years.
And for that entire time I waited for him, knowing that once he was released, things needed to be said, the truth needed to be spoken.
And that day was today.
I loved him, but the look he gave me, the possessiveness and pent-up arousal reflected in his eyes … had me realizing one thing.
Now more than ever, he wouldn’t let me go.


I went to prison for Harper, and I’d do it all over again to make sure she was safe. She was all I thought about the entire time I was behind bars, and it was her weekly visits that got me through the years, even if I tried pushing her away.
But after seven years of being locked up, I was finally released … and I was going to make her mine.

Warning: This is a short, dirty story about a hero who will go to any lengths to make sure the woman he loves is safe. With darker undertones and graphic scenes, there may be material some readers find offensive.


I’d thought about this moment plenty of times, fantasized about how it would be to finally have Arsen to myself. It would be passionate, consuming … filthy. It would take my breath away and leave me a shaking mess.
I knew this because when I looked at Arsen, that’s how I felt. He didn’t even have to touch me, didn’t have to say one word. Just a look in my direction and my knees threatened to buckle, my heart racing … my pussy becoming wet.
So I knew being with him in this way, sexually, possessively … intensely, would be mind-numbing.
And it was.
It is.
I was on the bed, totally naked, my legs spread, and Arsen staring at me like he was barely hanging on to his control.
I knew the feeling.
We were both naked, and as much as I knew we should take things slow, savor this, I knew it wouldn’t go down that way.
I didn’t want it to.
My throat was tight, my mouth dry.
Every hard ridge, dip, and bulge of his muscles was shown in startling clarity, and my heart jackknifed behind my ribs. Arsen was big and muscular, far larger than what he’d been before going to prison. He looked like a man now, hard edges and a fierce composure.
And his tattoos … far more than he’d had before going into prison. They were dangerous, frightening, and even aggressive in their appearance.
And they turned me on even more.
So much strength it made me breathless.
“Harper,” he whispered in this gruff voice, pitched low, deadly. “I want to make this good for you, baby.”
“Don’t hold back.” I swallowed the lump in my throat. “I don’t want easy or gentle. I just want you.”
I was wet, almost embarrassingly so.
He moved back enough that I could see the long, hard, impressive length of his shaft.
He had a dark line of hair that started right below his belly button and continued its downward path to his cock.
My mouth dried at the size of him.
The thought came to mind that he was so thick and long I didn’t know if he’d fit comfortably inside of me. It was a ludicrous thought, because I knew I was made for him, built for whatever he had to give me. But I didn’t care, because I’d take every last inch of him.
“Harper, baby girl, I’m hanging onto a thread here, and you staring at my dick isn’t helping my self-control.” His voice was sharp, like a serrated blade running across my naked body.
I shivered in response and lifted my gaze to look into his face.
His eyes were half-closed, his head lowered. Arsen looked feral, which matched his outward appearance to a T. He reached down and grabbed his cock, stroking the thick, long length obscenely. “You want this?”
“God,” I whispered, that lone word leaving me. “Yes.” I stared into his darkened eyes again, seeing my beautiful monster standing before me, ready to claim me. “Come here. Take me.”

Jenika Snow, a USA Today bestselling author, lives in the northeast with her husband and their children.She prefers gloomy days, eats the topping off of her pizza first, and prefers to wear socks year round.


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📝REVIEW📝 ~ Borrowing Christmas: (Borrowing Amor, #1) by Kat Bellemore ~ Genre: CleanChristmasRomance ~ Release Date: October 26th 2018




Kat Bellemore

Genres:  #Romance #CleanRomance #HolidayRomance #ChristmasRomance #LiteSuspense

My Rating:  3.75 to 4 

Cover:  5

Publication:  October 26th 2018

Read:  October 10th 2018  (ARC provided by author)

Kindle Edition:  262 pages

POV:  Third-person dual perspectives

Series:  Borrowing Amor:  Borrowing Christmas; Borrowing Love (coming soon)

Add to Goodreads:


Love is a nuisance when all you want is to disappear.

Two weeks before Christmas, Katie is kicked out of her apartment. Again. Rather than wander the streets and continue to work for a dirty cop, she decides to leave the city and disappear for good. But her car breaks down in a New Mexico town, and everything is threatened when she falls for the charming mayor.

Sam Freedman is the first bachelor mayor of Amor. After convincing the locals that having a mayor without family responsibilities means he can dedicate all his time to the community, townspeople watch his every move. Then Katie Andersen shows up. Against Sam’s better judgement, he hires her to replace his event coordinator. Now he can barely think straight, let alone run a town.

In the midst of half-truths and outright lies, Katie and Sam desperately search for the place where honesty and trust lead to love. Can they find it before the past catches up with them?

IMG_7439 (2)

📝My Review📝:

Borrowing Christmas (Borrowing Amor, #1)Borrowing Christmas by Kat Bellemore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.75 to 4 Stars…

Borrowing Christmas is the first book to come in the Borrowing Amor series by new author Kat Bellemore. While I’m not sure what trope the rest of the books will be, this one is a Christmas romance. Amor is a small New Mexico town. This town was charming with lovely characters. Makes me wonder who will get a story next.

Sam and Katie…..
Sam is the mayor of Amor. After the previous major died in an accident, Sam felt it was his moral duty to run for the position. It was, in fact, his father who was the previous mayor. Sam goes above and beyond to win the town’s approval. I thought Sam was a bit obsessed with his job, acting a bit anxious as times. He tried too hard which cause him to ultimately lose sight of what was truly important. But all it took was a strong, independent young woman who was running from her own problems, to show Sam what was right in from of him.

It was sweet to watch Sam and Katie find love with each other. They each learned some important lessons along the way. It took some hurdles to get over but in the end all that was important was their love. That said, I wished this book was a bit longer. I would have liked to spend more time in the town of Amor.

There were many likable secondary characters introduced in Borrowing Christmas. I can only wonder who will star in the next story. All in all this was a short, sweet Christmas story that warmed my heart and did a good job with putting me in the mindset for the holidays!

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

Kat Bellemore




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AVAILABLE from Author KL Donn ~ The Hogan Brothers Series ~ One Chance; One Choice; Unchained ~ 💜💙 #FAA4 #FosterAnAuthor2018 ~ Check out the giveaway below 👇👇

hogan brothers




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She’ll only give him… One Chance



One word that could ruin a person.
One word that can change a life.
One word that can destroy a mind.


Sophia Bennett heard it all her life. Smart, sweet, and shy, she hesitated to voice her ideas and opinions in fear of hearing that dreaded word, “Don’t be stupid, Sophia.”
She became introverted, quiet. Talking to people became a struggle she fought to control. She turned into a woman she never thought she’d be.
Seen but never heard.
Appearance became everything.


Rough around the edges Lennox Hogan is knee dip in shit – literally. Building a garden for his mother with his younger brothers, when the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen stops by to visit their mother for their weekly book chat.
A fake smile and sad eyes draw him in.
Her intoxicating innocence has him obsessed with the need to know everything about her. 

An unknown threat has them questioning everything about her life.
Lennox soon makes it his mission to convince her to give him One Chance, but will she after her world crumbles before her?

One Chance T1Young adult heterosexual couple lying on the bed in the bedroom

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One Choice ebook

He’ll fight for her to make… One Choice


Live. Fight. Breathe.

Levi Hogan was looking for a piece of his soul when he first entered the underground ring. Taking men down, showing them who was Alpha gave him a high unlike any other. 
He was happy, content, until his older brother fell in love and he saw what he was missing.
The other half of his heart. Her pain was palpable, piercing his soul. 
A dash of color on the horizon and he found her, tackling her to the ground wasn’t in the plan. Neither was tripping over a fucking gopher hole.

Harder. Faster. Stronger.

Hayes Morrison lived and breathed the creed. Her life motto to push her boundaries. She was set for gold, Olympic dreams were on the horizon.
Until an accident changed her entire world.
Crippled with pain, physically and emotionally, she’d given up hope of more. 

Until him.

The cocky fighter with a bad attitude and always saying the wrong things.
It wasn’t long until they both had One Choice to make, would they choose each other, or settle alone?

sinnliche attraktive junge Frau in UnterwscheStrong Arm. Close up of  man's muscular arm and fist. Black and white studio shot on black background.

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Unchained ebook

Their love will be… Unchained


She’s sheltered. He’s steadfast.

Sage Marlowe was born with grace and care.

Loving her religion and understanding her place in the compound was drilled into her from the moment she could walk. Never leaving until she was a teen, she had no clue of the outside world.

She didn’t understand that she had choices, or could have opinions. She didn’t know she could have freedom.

Meeting a man that called to her heart changed her submission. Gave her a reason to fight for desires she didn’t even understand.

Forced to make a choice, the foundation on which her beliefs are based are rocked to the core and she knows her entire world will never be the same again.

Forbidden love is elusive as Eden’s garden.

Lochlan Hogan is the youngest of three brothers.

Quiet, loyal, fierce, Loch knows nothing about love and passion until she steps through the doors of his shop.

She walks in beauty and grace. White blonde hair, crystal blue eyes. The girl with no name calls to his soul in every way.

She’s shrouded in mystery and elegance. He wants her something fierce.

His obsession with her forces him to do things he wouldn’t normally. Following her back to her home, he’s shocked to find that her beliefs are dipped in sin and shrouded with lies.

Together they make the call to forge together as one, but will her family let her go when she’s already made her vows?

Sensual fallen angel, beautiful blonde woman with black wings and tight dressWedding

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About KL Donn


Krystal is a proud Canadian girl, hailing from Sherwood Park, Alberta. She has a strong dislike for the winter, and a love for spring. Married to her husband Steve, for 14 years, they have 4 beautiful red headed spawns ranging in ages 6-13. She has a strong love of coffee, sarcasm, and wine. (Not necessarily in that order either.)

She has been a published author for over 3 years now. With over 20 books under her belt.

Krystal loves to write about instalove between couples looking for love. She has a passion for contemporary romance and springs into menage as often as she can.

Currently, she is working on a new series about bad boy brothers who don’t know what hits them as they fall for their girls.​

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