Grumpy Cowboy
Single Dad Collection #3

Author Duo Max Monroe

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Genre/Trope: #Romance #SingleFatherRomance #EnemiestoLoversRomance #Bookboyfriend

My Rating: 5

Cover: 5

Publication: May 22nd 2021

Read: May 17th 2021 *Review copy provided by That’s What She Said Publishing

POV: First-person alternating perspectives (Leah, Rhett, Tex)

Kindle: 346 pages

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ATTENTION: If you have been a victim of false advertising, you may be entitled to compensation. If you were ever hired to take care of a fourteen-year-old boyโ€™s knee injury on a luxury ranch in the Middle of Nowhere, Utah, but that fourteen-year-old boy ended up being a tall, rough-and-tumble, muscular, one-hundred-percent all-man cowboy by the name of Rhett Jameson, you may have been put at risk for falling in love. Please seek counsel immediately.

Dear Counselor,

It was supposed to be simple favor for my very important boss, Frank Kaminsky of the Salt Lake Slammers professional basketball teamโ€”go to his good friend Tex Jamesonโ€™s luxury ranch and provide personal medical care for his recently injured teenage son.

I thought itโ€™d be a working vacation of sortsโ€”a chance for my city-girl self to experience something I would never otherwise doโ€”but everything is upside down, and absolutely nothing is as I thought it would be.

For one, this patient is not a teenage boy.
Heโ€™s a real-life, blue-eyed, tough-as-nails, thirtysomething cowboy who is so darn strong he looks like he could lift a car just for the heck of it.

Heโ€™s also stubborn, rude, and we donโ€™t get alongโ€ฆat all.

Add in the heart-melting vision of him as a single father to the cutest little girl on the planet, and Iโ€™ve found myself in a whole different dimension of trouble.

Lust. Feelings. A whole lot of enemies-to-lovers-style complication.

Please help me. My name is Dr. Leah Levee, I am a victim of false advertising, and if Iโ€™m not careful, this Grumpy Cowboy might just be the death of me.


Wow! This book has it all! I was engaged from the very first pages and could not put this book down. I have never read this author before but you can be sure that I will be changing that after having read this gem. What an amazing, passionate novel! This book is heavy on family and loyalty. I loved the equal bullheadedness between both the hero and heroine. Even the secondary characters such as Tex, made the story more poignant. I just can’t say enough. I don’t want to give any of the story away but I can tell you a few things you already inferred from the blurb.

Rhett’s pride and loyalty to his friend gets him injured. The injury is pretty bad but that won’t keep Rhett from doing his job even despite the obvious fact his stubbornness is only hindering his recovery. Tex, who is Rhett’s father, takes it upon himself to bring in a medical professional to help move along Rhett’s recovery without him hurting himself further. Of course when the beautiful Leah arrives on the ranch, Rhett is not happy with his father’s interference. To say he is beyond accepting of the doctor’s help is an underestimation.

The story moves along in a perfect pace as Rhett and Leah navigate their doctor/patient relationship. Rhett was a real jerk at times to Leah but because she is just as stubborn, they made it work and as a result, there are some pretty humorous moments. As they got to know each other, their feelings changed and grew. Some of the best moments in this book was watching that unfold. Oh, and the humor was tear-worthy. I have to say, Leah was hysterical. This is definitely a book I would re-read over and over. There is a perfect balance of seriousness and humor. And if those attributes aren’t enough, you can be sure to fall in love with the scene stealer of the story which is Rhett’s adorable daughter Joey.

I loved this book so much and truly believe you will as well. While I received and advanced reading copy ofย Grumpy Cowboy,ย this is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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