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Release Blitz: “The Right Time” Series: Perfect for You #2, by Author: Amanda Siegrist, Genre: Contemporary Romance, #AvailableNow ~ @amanda_siegrist @GiveMeBooksPR.

Title: The Right Time
Series: perfect for you #2
Author: Amanda Siegrist
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 2, 2021
The plan: Organize an epic birthday party without spilling the massive secret—that has nothing to do with the party.
Time Frame: Two weeks.
Plan a party? Check.
Try not to think about the man she can’t have? Check.
Suddenly accept said man’s proposal. Check.
Wait…what did Mia Carter do? There was no way she could marry Jaxson Brandt. It would never last. Nothing in her life ever does. They weren’t even dating. They couldn’t go from just friends to marriage. She’ll just have to tell him she changed her mind. If only he’d give her a chance to do so. But between planning a birthday party and trying to keep her bestie from finding out they’re getting hitched, she can’t seem to find the right time. He’s making it his mission to show her what love is truly about—something she’d never had before. She’s just not sure it’ll be enough to convince her.
Warning: This is not a full romcom. While it has moments of humor, it also has a twist of angst. Okay, now you can dive in, you’re prepared!
A slow, seductive smile grew right before he tossed her onto the bed. She giggled, her eyes filled with pleasurable delight and a bit of surprise.
Then he joined her on the bed, covering her with his body.
“You threw me,” she said with a teasing twinkle in her eyes.
He couldn’t even say why he tossed—definitely didn’t throw—her on to the bed. Maybe to get a reaction out of her. Sometimes, it was hard to get the kind of reactions he wanted from her. It was like pulling teeth, hard and tumultuous.
“Did I?” His lips found her neck, making a delicious path up to her ear. “What can I say? I’m excited to get you in this bed.”
Then he pushed into her, so she could feel how hard his cock was, and how damn excited he was that this was finally happening.
Her arms wound around his neck, pulling him closer. Then their lips matched, more pleasure exploding throughout his body as their tongues mingled and their bodies moved to a beautiful rhythm.
But they had too many clothes between them.
“I need you naked, now,” he said between kisses as one of his hands wove down toward the edge of the silky shirt she wore.
She pushed on his chest, giggling. “Don’t even think about pulling up on this shirt. I don’t want to have to fix any of the buttons with your eagerness.”
He winked, pretty sure he would’ve popped a button or two pulling her shirt up and over her head, as she tried to sit up.
“Oh, no, sweetheart, I got this.” Then he sat up and scooted back a little and popped one button undone.
Bending down, he pressed a kiss to the small patch of skin exposed. He felt her tremble beneath him. Oh, the things he wanted to do with her. He’d been imagining having her in his arms for so many years, it would take more than one night to enact every scenario. It was a damn good thing she’d agreed to marry him. Now he had a lifetime.
Never in a million years had he expected this outcome when he came to her apartment. He had meant to make sure she was all right. Comfort her, hopefully. Let her use his shoulder for her tears. But this. Her willingly in his arms, saying yes to being his wife. Never in a million years.
Another button came undone with ease. His lips inched up, following the path his hands were taking. Each time he found a new spot to kiss, she trembled and a breathy moan left her sweet, luscious lips. He was torn between kissing her soft skin and tangling tongues with her. Both were like being in heaven.
“This is torture. Let me do it.” Her words came out soft and breathy. And not like she wanted him to stop.
Instead of answering, he continued his path upward, undoing another button, his lips meeting silky, beautiful skin. When he neared her breasts, he paused, taking in the view. A white lacy bra covered her, exposing more skin than containing it. He was in love…with this bra. Who knew she wore such sexy lingerie underneath her clothes? Well, now he did, and he’d be letting his imagination run away more and more from now on. He knew it.
He undid the last few buttons, then cupped her breasts. His eyes zeroed in on a rosy nipple, suckling hard as she arched upward off the bed.
“Jaxson…” Her breathy voice had him ramped up and ready.
But he wanted to take this slowly. He wanted to savor every second with her.
“You are so gorgeous. Every inch of you.” Then he slid his hands underneath her and unclasped her bra.
She sat up as he helped her slip off her shirt and bra, tossing them to the floor. Before she could take off his shirt, something he could tell she wanted to do when her hands reached for the bottom, he pushed her down and reclaimed a nipple.
He took his time giving each one attention, biting playfully and kissing afterward to soothe. He knew she liked it as her low moans and constant shifting closer to him didn’t stop, but only increased.
“Okay, I take it back. I’ll fix any button you want, but you need to take that shirt off now.”
(Copyright © 2021 Amanda Siegrist)
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I’m a USA Today Bestselling Author that loves to write sweet contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels, although I am partial to romantic suspense. Honestly, I love anything that has to do with romance. As long as there’s a happy ending, I’m a happy camper. And insta-love…yes, please! I love baseball (Go Twins!) and creating awesome crafts. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, working in that field for several years before I became a stay-at-home mom. I have a few more amazing stories in the works. If you would like to connect with me or see important news, head to my website at Thanks for reading!

Release Blitz: “Gimme S’more” Hot Cakes Series, By Auther Erin Nicholas, #FriendstoLovers Romance, is #AvailableNow ~ @ErinNicholas #SocialbutterflyPr

A friends-to-lovers romance that will make you melt.

Gimme S’more, an all-new must-read workplace romantic comedy standalone in the Hot Cakes Series by New York Times bestselling author Erin Nicholas is available now!

Oliver’s a dreamer who is always ready for the next big adventure.
Piper’s the steady one who keeps his feet on the ground.

He’s wildly successful, thanks to her always being there to catch him when he leaps before he looks. But she wants more. While he’s as clueless as ever.

So she just gave her two weeks notice.

Ollie doesn’t know how he’ll survive without Piper. So for the next two weeks, he’ll be sticking to her like the marshmallows on the s’mores she loves so much.

But does he want her as his assistant… or is there a sweeter spot in his life for the woman who’s always had his back–and possibly even his heart?

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About Erin Nicholas

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Erin Nicholas has been writing romances almost as long as she’s been reading them. To date, she’s written over thirty sexy, contemporary novels that have been described as “toe-curling,” “enchanting,” “steamy,” and “fun.” She adores reluctant heroes, imperfect heroines, and happily ever afters.
Erin lives in the Midwest, where she enjoys spending time with her husband (who only wants to read the sex scenes in her books), her kids (who will never read the sex scenes in her books), and her family and friends (who claim to be “shocked” by the sex scenes in her books).

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Release Blitz: “Fighting Dirty” Ice Kings Series, By Author Stacey Lynn, #FriendstoLovers Romance is #AvailableNow ~ @staceylynnbooks #Socialbutterflypr

For one weekend only, she’s mine, even if she thinks it’s fake.

Fighting Dirty, an all-new sexy friends-to-lovers standalone romance in the not-to-be-missed Ice Kings Series from Stacey Lynn is available now!

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my best friend.

Like, hide the fact I’ve been in love with her for years.

Or agree to be her fake boyfriend when we have to return to her hometown for her exes wedding.

Little does Jillian know this is what I’ve been waiting for.

It’s a dream come true. I finally get to touch her and love her in all the ways I’ve been dying to show her.

For one weekend only, she’s mine, even if she thinks it’s fake.

Pretending to love her is easy.
I want her to be mine forever.

Getting Jillian to admit it’s what she wants too, is another thing.

On or off the ice, I have no problems fighting dirty to get what I want.

But this is one fight I might just lose.

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Meet Stacey Lynn:

Stacey Lynn likes her coffee with a dash of sugar, her heroes with a side of bossy, and her wine a deep shade of red.

The author of over thirty romance novels, many of which have been best-selling titles on Amazon, AppleBooks, and Barnes & Noble, she loves being able to turn her vivid imagination into a career that brings entertainment and joy to her readers. Focused on sports romance and emotional, small-town romance, she also loves stretching herself in different genres.

Born in Texas and raised in the Midwest, she now makes her home in North Carolina and loves all things Southern. Together with her ultimate tall, dark, and handsome hero, she has four children. Her life is a chaotic mess that fights with her Type-A, list-making, neurotically organized preferences and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Release Blitz: ” Broken Wings” Series: Broken Rebel Brotherhood: Next Generation #2, By Author: Andi Rhodes, Genre: MC Romance is #AvailableNow ~ #AndiRhodesAuthor @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: Broken Wings

Series: Broken Rebel Brotherhood 
Next Generation #2
Author: Andi Rhodes
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: January 14, 2021
My father is one of the founding members of the Broken Rebel Brotherhood and my sister is with the current president. Needless to say, I’m overprotected. I’ve learned how to lie and keep secrets in order to have my fun but at nineteen, I had no clue what kind of trouble the real world would present.
When a monster rears its ugly head, I seek protection from the last person that should be giving it: my best friend’s brother. Little do I know, they have secrets of their own. Secrets that put my life in jeopardy far worse than I ever did. But I can’t seem to walk away from what I think Cooper can provide me and what I have no right asking him for: safety.
Living in Indiana wasn’t what I’d pictured for my life. Caring for my younger sisters when we had no one else to turn to definitely wasn’t on my agenda. But opening my own tattoo shop and building a life that didn’t revolve around drugs, guns, and chaos has always been my dream and now it’s my saving grace.
But when my sister’s best friend comes into the picture, my newly established peace is thrown off balance. My world shifts and I’m tossed head first into threats and violence that I never saw coming. I want to turn her away but I can’t. Every time she’s near, my heart skips a beat. I know that, no matter how many times I tell myself it’s a terrible idea, I will protect her life with my own. Even if it means going up against evil I thought I left behind.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Releasing March 18
Releasing May 20
Andi is an author of contemporary romance who started her journey when her career in social work was no longer her passion. Her books are sassy and suspenseful with a heavy dose of sizzle and are guaranteed to deliver an HEA and all the feels. She loves writing about alpha males and the women who tame them. When she’s not writing, Andi is an avid reader of the romance genre and prefers books that teeter on the edge of decent. She also loves spending time with her husband and their pack of dogs. For access to release info, updates, and exclusive content, be sure to sign up for Andi’s newsletter at, where you will also find links for Facebook and Instagram.

Release Blitz: “The Cowboy and His Valentine” Series: Rock Springs Texas #7, By Author: Kaci Rose, Genre: Contemporary Romance, #AvailableNow ~ @AuthorKaciRose @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: The Cowboy and His Valentine
Series: Rock Springs Texas #7
Author: Kaci Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 14, 2021




Love is in the air, and Cupid’s arrows are flying in Rock Springs, Texas! 






As a newcomer to Rock Springs, I’m eager to move out from under the thumb of my conservative parents and discover who I am. Helping my sister out at the town’s annual Sweetheart Dance seems a great place to start. I don’t believe the silly legend about soulmates finding each other at the event… until I meet Nick. He’s even more delicious than the BBQ he cooks, but the intense heat he brings doesn’t stop at the kitchen door. Unsure if I’m ready to be struck by Cupid’s Arrow, I pull back. Candy and flowers will have to wait. I need to discover who I am first. 




Between the work I do at the restaurant and my family’s ranch, my life is a busy whirlwind. But everything slowed to crystal clear clarity the second I locked eyes with Maggie. Rock Spring legend states the person you attend your first Sweetheart Dance with is your soulmate, and I believe that with my whole heart. Now, I’m determined to walk under that balloon arch with her on my arm. I see her hesitating at the sizzling chemistry between us. Can I win her over in time to call her my Valentine? 
Come meet the small town of Rock Springs Texas with a family that has your back, a town that knows your business, and men who love with everything they have.
This is a Steamy, Small Town, Valentine’s Day Cowboy Romance. No Cliffhangers.
This is Book 7 in the Rock Springs Texas Series.
As always there is a satisfying Happy Ever After.
If you love steamy Valentine’s Day romances with insta love, hot love scenes, small towns, and cowboys, then this one is for you. 





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Kaci Rose runs on coffee, chocolate, and Oreos. She writes the type of romance books she wants to read. 


Kaci loves her book boyfriends with tattoos, muscles, beards, and a little dirty.



Release Blitz: “Change of Course” A MM Professor/Student Novel, Series: Change of Hearts #3, By Author: Sierra Hill, Genre: M/M Romance is #AvailableNow ~ #SierraHillAuthor @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: Change of Course
A MM Professor/Student Novel
Series: Change of Hearts #3
Author: Sierra Hill
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: January 13, 2021




From the moment the man walked into the bar, I knew he was still in the closet. But that didn’t stop us from sharing an incredible night together. 


Our easy, one-night hookup went from no-strings-attached to a tangled mess on the first day of the semester, when I locked eyes with the mystery man from the bar… who also happens to be my new Art History professor. 
Lucas Mathiasson is everywhere I turn and the harder we try to resist, the closer we’re pulled together. Until our weekend in Vegas. Then all bets – and rules – are off. 
But lessons in love can’t be taught from a syllabus. They have to be experienced. 
And not all love is easy. Not all rules are meant to be broken. And not all men are created to live life in the open. 
Falling for my professor wasn’t part of the plan… but how do you let go of the man who taught you how to love?










I lean over the edge, my belly and hip scraping over the marbled counter, and push my mouth next to his ear. Oh man, he smells incredible. A crisp soapy scent mixed with expensive cologne. Probably French. Definitely not the cheap over-the-counter shit I usually get lungful’s of in this place on any given night. 


Nah, this man is high class and far too above the fray in here. 
Which means I can’t help but find a way to fluster the shit out of him. 
“You know, if you want it even dirtier, I can do that for you. I’m really good at making it dirty.” 
I slink back off the counter, tucking the edge of my shirt back down where it had risen over my belly, showing off my sleek abs and skin. I lick my lips enticingly and step back. Apparently, Mr. Put-Together got a nice view of my stomach before I covered it back up because I notice the twitch of his fingers and the tightening of his jaw. 
Without meaning to, I burst out laughing, waving my hand in the air at him. “Oh my God, dude. You should see yourself right now. Did I just insult your tender sensibilities with my innuendo?” 
In a flash, he jerks his shoulders back with righteous indignation. 
“No,” he scoffs, rolling his eyes. “I was just trying to figure out if you meant the drink or something else.” 
Once again, I bend over the counter, my elbows pinched tight to my ribs, hands clasped in front of me, and give him an innocent lift of my eyebrow. 
“I guess if you don’t know, then you don’t want what I have to offer.” 
(Copyright 2021 Ten28 Publishing LLC)
99c for a limited time!









Sierra Hill is a 2020 RONE Award-Winning author of Game Changer, as well as over 30 novels, including the award-winning college sports series, Courting Love, and the twice award-finalist erotic ménage serial, Reckless – The Smoky Mountain Trio


Sierra lives with her husband and dog in the Seattle area and is a sucker for cheap accessories, loves anything dark chocolate, and enjoys attending live concerts.



Release Blitz: “Housewife Chronicles” By Author: Jennifer Snow, Genre: Dark Comedy/Women’s Fiction, is #AvailableNow ~ @jennifersnow18 @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Housewife Chronicles
Author: Jennifer Snow
Genre: Dark Comedy/Women’s Fiction
Release Date: January 12, 2021
Her husband’s affair coming to light two weeks before his death should have been the worst thing to happen to Beth Cartwright that year. But being a widowed, single mom in a community of upper-class housewives is proving to be far more difficult.
Living next door to her husband’s mistress and her former yoga instructor-Gina Thompson, has Beth wanting to pack up her teenage kids and get the hell out of the neighborhood. But when she becomes a suspect in her husband’s death, she needs to rely on her husband’s mistress and the rest of her quirky neighborhood friends to keep her out of jail.
Housewife Chronicles is a dark comedy with a hint of mystery and a focus on unlikely female friendships.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Part 1… 
Upper-middle class was a special version of hell.
Expensive homes with crippling mortgages, perfectly manicured lawns, and luxurious cars in the driveways could mask all kinds of sins. I like to think the secrets happening within the walls of my own split by-level weren’t the worst ones in the neighborhood. As I jog through the streets, my feet pounding the pavement in the same footsteps every morning for fifteen years, I fantasize about the lives I’m not living.
My husband’s death should have been the worst thing to happen to me this month, but as it turns out, there are worse things a husband can do to a wife than simply die.
Being the single widowed mom in a community of housewives was nowhere on my life plan. That thing we all fill out before high school graduation–our hopes and dreams, our roadmap to our future.
So optimistic. So ultimately full of shit.
I stop in front of the white picket fence of a three-story house and stare at the red-painted door. Red is supposed to be inviting. Apparently, everyone in the neighborhood had gotten the memo–except me. Our door is still white.
Would painting it now stop the neighbors from giving me those suspicious looks?
Oh good, Beth finally painted the door. She’s one of us now. 
Or would it be,
Beth finally painted the door. What is she hiding now? 
I keep saying I’m going to stop coming to this weekly coffee, but after twelve years, I wouldn’t know how to quit. It’s my routine. So far ingrained in my social calendar as though part of my DNA. Can one ever fully escape the cult that is upper class housewives? Howard’s death could have at least given me that much.
I finish stretching, not in a rush to go inside, but the garbage pick-up truck inches closer, and I want to avoid the feel of male eyes on my ass or worse, the embarrassment of not warranting their attention. I climb the stairs, turn the knob on the front door, and enter the house.
Instead of freeing me from this obligation, Howard’s death had somehow become the new reason I need these women. The same ones who brought his affair to light two weeks before he died. The ones who’d picked up the scent of an extramarital vibe around my husband at a neighborhood barbeque and followed the trail right to the house next door to mine where the divorced yoga instructor lives.
My yoga instructor.
My Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor starts beeping.
Deep breath in. Deep breath out.
Howard is dead… Karma already did what I’d been tempted to.
An almost shrill, soprano voice drifts down a spiraling marble staircase as I close the door behind me. “Elizabeth, is that you?”
No. It’s Beth. Just Beth, but we’ve already had this conversation a dozen times, and Grace refuses to believe my parents actually named me Beth. Nicknames weren’t acceptable to her.
I jog up the stairs to the third floor. “Where are you guys?
“My bedroom,” Grace says.
As I approach the Master bedroom at the end of the hall, that a small child could go missing in-if children were allowed inside the home-I hear them talking about me. They know I can hear them. They don’t care.
“Why are we always waiting on her?”
“She doesn’t work, yet she’s always late.”
“I’m never late when coffee is at my house,” I say, entering the room. “What are we…?”
I stop at the sight of Sophia sitting on Grace’s bed–topless. Grace has her hand on Sophia’s left breast, but bruising and a faint scar around the nipple are visible on the other.
“Feel. Just like the real thing,” Sophia tells me.
A month ago, she’d said the same thing about her new platinum blonde hair extensions.
“No thanks. I have my own.” Not nearly as impressive as the double D’s I can’t look away from. Nothing these women do ever surprises me anymore. I never know what I’m going to walk into…maybe that’s the real reason I still come to coffee.
“Come on. Everyone else has,” Grace says.
The other woman in the room, Holly, is on her cell phone near the window, but she nods her agreement.
Well, if Holly did it.
I step forward and poke one. Sophia grabs my hands and presses one to each breast. I’m held captive. They feel nothing like I assumed they would. Only days after surgery, and they do feel real. Like mine did before two children, gravity, and a lack of giving a shit turned my breasts into a place to balance my plate when I ate dinner at my pottery wheel. Which was every day lately.
“Okay, now my nipples are getting hard.”
I drop my hands.
“Just kidding, the surgery eliminated almost all nipple sensitivity,” Sophia says, reaching for a tan, surgical bra and her discarded shirt draped across the bed.
Grace hands me a card, and I read “Dr. River Onyx-Top Breast Augmentation Surgeon in L.A.
So, I’m not the only one to notice my saggy, lifeless breasts.
“You really should call him. Gina recommended him to me and–” Sophia stops short.
The women all exchange looks.
“We can say her name.” Gina and her rocking body are not going anywhere, anytime soon, and despite the trash-talk about her, I know they’re all still attending her yoga classes. Everyone could claim to blame Gina for the affair, but we all still wanted a body like hers.
I glance at the card again. “Can I keep this?”
“Tell him I referred you,” Sophia says.
I slide the business card into the pocket of my sweatpants. I’d never book an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon while in my right state of mind, but in case there’s an even lower point for me to reach… “Is coffee made?”
“I’ve got something better than coffee,” Grace says. “Follow me.” She leaves the room, her expensive perfume–a mix of honey and daffodils–lingers like a cloud behind her, but I love the smell, so I breathe it in. She refuses to tell any of us what brand it is, like it’s her signature scent, and she can’t be unique and envied without it.
I watch Sophia on the stairs, staring at her new chest, but the breasts don’t move as she descends. No bounce, no sag. They stay perfectly put.
It would be nice to have one thing in my life that under control.
Holly follows behind the group, her cell phone still plastered to her ear, talking quietly in an authoritative tone, her short, graying, jet-black bob covers her left eye and cheek. I’m not sure I’d even recognize her if I saw her full face.
We reach the lower level, and unlike the delicious scent of Grace’s perfume, a rancid smell fills my nostrils as I enter the kitchen. “What is that?” I ask, trying not to breathe too deeply.
“Durian tea,” Grace says, as a timer sounds on the counter.
“Ohhh, I read about this in Cosmo last month.” Holly has finally put her cell phone away. She leans over a pot boiling on the stove.
At our age we are still reading Cosmo? Must be the doctor’s office copies. Wouldn’t we get carded if we actually tried to buy one?
Sorry, ma’am, but the amount of wrinkles on your face suggests you are too far gone for these pearls of wisdom to be of any benefit. It would be unethical to allow you to waste your money. 
“This stuff is supposed to be the ‘king of fruit,’” Sophia says, reading a text message on her cell phone. Her crazy long, mint green nails fly over the keyboard as she responds.
“Then why does it smell so bad?” I ask.
“Give it a chance,” Grace says. “It’s really good for you. It’s even an aphrodisiac.”
“Not exactly what I need right now.”
Grace pours four mugs of the hot, clear liquid and places one in front of me anyway. I open the fridge for a bottle of water instead. As I go to sit on a stool at the counter, Grace stops me. She scans the kitchen, grabs a plastic step stool, and gives it to me to sit on. “You don’t mind. I just had them redone, and you’re all sweaty from your run.”
I sit on the newly reupholstered stool. She can kiss my slightly sweaty ass.
Grace doesn’t argue. She doesn’t believe in conflict. It’s one of the things that intrigues me most about her. She’s so calm and even-tempered. For my own sense of self-worth, I have to envision her screaming in her massive walk-in closet when no one is around. She puts the stool back and addresses the group.
“Okay, so I’m thinking we should add a book club element to these weekly coffees.” She picks up a book on the counter.
Love and Rumors, by Grace Lee. 
Grace is a fiction author. Her new book is based on her latest divorce from Hollywood movie star, Brent Jackson. Her third failed marriage. Like an older version of a certain young popstar, Grace has learned to turn her heartache and drama into profit and live a very nice lifestyle from the settlements.
“Advanced reader copies. I have one for each of you,” she says, as she hands them out.
Holly hands hers back. “No. This hour every week is the only time I get to relax. I’m not studying for it.” She’s typing an email with one hand as she says this. Answering six work-related emails during this hour is probably relaxing to her.
“It’s reading…not studying,” Grace says, unoffended.
“It’s not happening.”
At forty-six, Holly is the oldest in the group, and that, by default, prevents any of us from disagreeing with her. She’s the “housewife” in the group I like best. Especially, today. Of course, I’ll tell Grace I read her book. Honesty isn’t as important to this group as ego-stroking.
“You all owe me twenty-seven, fifty. Pay whenever you can,” Grace says.
“Can we get onto the subject of the day?” Holly asks. The subject of the day was her idea. If we only had an hour of girl talk a week, it should be focused on a topic, so as not to waste time with idle chitchat. It was the host’s job to come up with it each week.
Grace stares straight at me. “Yes. This week’s topic is Elizabeth.”
“Me?” Since that isn’t my name, I can’t be sure.
“Let’s be more specific,” Sophia says, blowing on the hot liquid in her cup.
So, there’s more than one thing they’d like to discuss about me. When did I become so fascinating?
“Okay, her love life or sex life, I guess,” Grace says.
Holly nods while responding to another message on her phone. “I agree, this should be discussed.”
“I was waiting for someone to bring it up,” Sophia says, her cell phone blowing up with new text messages from her husband, Bob.
“I’ve been widowed all of five minutes.”
“But you’ve been separated for weeks, and let’s be honest, Howard wasn’t lying when he said your marriage was over a long time ago,” Holly says, sipping her tea. Her teal-rimmed, oval glasses steam up, blocking the look of judgment in her eyes.
“I don’t necessarily agree with that.” Howard’s perception of our marriage had been completely different from mine. We’d been comfortable. We had a routine. Suddenly that meant the death of a marriage?
“Before he died, when was the last time the two of you had sex?” Sophia asks, as she replies to her husband’s texts.
I want to answer, but I don’t know. Of course, Howard was screwing Gina for months, so his interest in me had waned.
“Okay, then. So, we need a plan to get Elizabeth ‘back in the saddle.’ Anyone have any single male friends we can set her up with? Rebounds. Not good guys, they will come later. Right now, we just need hot and available,” Grace says. She picks up her phone and scrolls through her contacts list.
She better not recommend one of her own rebound boy toys. That’s a line I refuse to cross.
The others think. And think.
Grace frowns. “There’s gotta be someone,” she mutters.
I get up from the stool. “You know what, get back to me. I have a client coming to pick up some pieces, so I have to go.”
“Do you want to take your tea?” Grace asks, reaching for an eco-friendly, disposable to-go cup from a stack on the counter.
“No, thank you. Someone else can enjoy mine.” Someone who had a penis lying around they could use in case that aphrodisiac side effect kicked in.
“Okay…,” Grace says in a tone that suggests I’ve turned down the opportunity to drink from the fountain of youth, and I really can’t afford to.
“Oh, and Beth?” Holly says, as I go to leave. “Now that you’re on your own, you may want to get your lawn mowed.”
Seriously? “Are you trying to imply that I may have been at fault for Howard cheating? Cause I’ll have you know, my ‘lawn’ is very well maintained–”
Holly turns to Grace. “What the hell is she talking about?”
Grace nods toward my crotch.
“I think she thought you meant…” Sophia has no problem showing her bare breasts to the world, but she’s embarrassed by the word vagina.
“I actually meant your real lawn,” Holly says, as her cell phone rings, and she checks the call display. “The grass has grown well above neighborhood standards, and we’ve let it slide because you’re grieving, but you’ll need to take care of it.”
Right. “I’ll do it today.” Embarrassed, I hurry out of the kitchen. The sound of their laughter follows me even after I leave the house.
I really, really have to stop coming to weekly coffee.
Jennifer Snow is an award winning, USA Today Bestselling author of over 35 romance and thriller novels. Publishing with Grand Central, Harlequin, Berkley and Thomas & Mercer, she has over ten years of experience crafting stories that connect with readers worldwide. Her books have been translated into five different languages and have been optioned for film and television. She has won the Booksellers’ Best Award and has received Starred Reviews from Publishers’ Weekly. 
Jennifer is the writer of the Mistletoe series of screenplays. She is known for her romantic comedies and female-driven dramas for TV and film. In 2014, she was a finalist in the New York Screenplay Contest for her work “Mistletoe Fever”. She’s also written true-crime and thriller screenplays as work-for-hire assignments for various production companies.
Her film work is represented by Alexia Melocchi at Little Studio Films and her literary work is represented by Jill Marsal at the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. More info can be found on her website:

Release Blitz: “Stolen Hearts” By Author M. O’Keefe, Genre: Dangerous Romance, #AvailableNow ~ @MollyOKwrites @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: Stolen Hearts
Author: M. O’Keefe
Publisher: Dangerous Press
Genre: Dangerous Romance
Release Date: January 12, 2021




The flare of a cigarette, the sound of a stranger’s voice, and the handsome Irishman in the shadows–I wanted it all, but I wasn’t allowed to want. 


Ronan was danger and beauty, murder and mercy. To me, he was a mystery, but he was also the only man who ever knew me. 
In that single stolen moment before I had to give my life to someone else, I imagined myself with him, the man with scars and bruises. The one who knew what hurting meant far more than I did at that time. 
Instead I was given to another man, one who broke my soul right along with my bones. 
Through it all, there was always that memory of the man in the shadows, the one who said–not in words–that I was strong, that I could endure, that I was more than just a princess in a ballgown. 
Now Ronan is the only man who could keep me safe from two warring families that wanted my blood. The spark that started two years ago burned brighter with each touch, each glance, each kiss. He woke me from the nightmare, giving me life with soft touches and sharp words. 
Two years ago, Ronan gave me strength, but he took something in return. I never gave him my heart, but hearts like mine are made to be stolen.










He was beautiful. I mean, like inarguably. It was simply fact. A law of nature. Dark hair. Blue eyes like the sky at noon. Dark scruff along his hard, square chin. He wore a tuxedo with the tie pulled loose. An angel kicked out of heaven for the trouble he caused. 


There was blood on the collar of his white shirt. Blood from any number of wounds on his face. A black eye. A split lip. A tiny butterfly bandage over a cut on his cheekbone. 
He was beautiful, and he was savage. 
“What happened to you?” I whispered. 
He touched the cut on his lip. “You should see the other guy.” 
I stepped forward, drawn by the joke attempt. His eyelashes. The sudden urge to be on a side of kindness. Either side. Any side. Just to experience it however I could. “Who hurt you?” 
His eyes snapped to mine, sharp and bright, and my skin prickled. Uncomfortable and aware. 
“No one,” he said, ice cold despite the blood on his collar. The black eye and split lip. “Not for a long time.” 
I thought he was joking, and I smiled, but his face was resolute. Calm in its strength. He wasn’t joking. He wasn’t being sarcastic. He’s been beaten, but he was telling me it didn’t hurt him. 
Like he’d made a choice, and that was that. Pain didn’t matter. 
“It’s that easy?” I whispered. Scared in my belly because it was only there that I could acknowledge that I knew what was coming for me was going to hurt. 
“No,” he said and his hand, the one with the scar, the one I’d touched, brushed my cheek, his thumb at the edge of my lip. “It’s not easy. It’s very hard. But it’s how you survive.” 
His thumb pressed against my lip, and I gasped, my lips parting. I could taste the salt of his skin and everything in me screamed to leave. This wasn’t just foolish, it was dangerous. For him. 
For me. Especially for me. 
But I couldn’t move. He pressed and pressed until my teeth cut into my lip and it hurt. 
It hurt, and he kept pushing. 
It hurt, and I stood there. Taking it. 
Why was I doing this? Why was he? It felt like a warning and a lesson, and it felt real. Like the grass under my feet. Like the booze in my belly. Not at all like the threats inside that house, whispered and insinuated. The pain, the taste of blood and salt from his finger. The look in his eye willing me to stillness. 
So. Real. 
“Don’t let them hurt you,” he said. 
His words broke the spell and heart pounding, I stepped back but I didn’t leave. Like a fool, I stayed. 
He didn’t have to be a Morelli to be trouble. Or to get me in trouble. 
This man was lethal. And so attractive it hurt. It actually hurt. 
“Who are you?” I asked, licking the blood off my lip. Hoping for a lingering taste of him. 
He shook his head. “I am no one.” 
Someone came to stand in the doorway, breaking up the light, casting a shadow across the stranger’s beautiful face. Both of us turned to look. 
“Jesus, Princess,” my Irishman whispered when he saw who was standing there and he must have realized who I was. 
“Poppy?” It was the Senator, and I went cold. Tried so hard not to, but head to toe the chill settled over me. “Everything all right?” 
“I’m fine,” I said and smiled to prove it. He always believed my smiles. Everyone did. They were very good smiles. Or maybe he just didn’t care. 
“We’re about to make the announcement,” the Senator said, and he summoned me with his fingers. A kind of snapping thing like you’d do with a dog, and I told myself, like I had for a while now, that it wasn’t personal. It was actually the opposite of personal. He treated everyone like that. That that made me feel better wasn’t something I was actually proud of. But I was seeking comfort from any corner. 
“I’ll be in in a second,” I said. I wanted to say goodbye to this stranger. To these quiet moments of rest. 
Or maybe I just wanted to pull my leash as taut as possible, to see how far it would stretch. 
“Poppy?” The Senator smiled when he said my name, but the steel was there. That terrifying sharpness. Turns out my leash didn’t stretch far at all. 
“You heard her,” the Irishman said from the shadows. “She needs a second.” 
“I’m sorry, who are you?” Jim stepped into the light; he was smiling but it was the razor’s edge. Jim was blonde and blue eyed. He wore glasses that made him look smart. He worked out just enough that the suits he wore looked good. 
Everything about him inspired comfort and confidence. 
Voters loved him. 
I’d never been so scared of someone in my life. 
“I’m coming,” I said, and I stepped into the light with Jim Maywell the junior senator of New York who was 28 years older than me, and at midnight, we were announcing that I would be his wife. 
Jim grabbed my hand too hard. But I expected it, and made my hand as small as I could in his. There was a trick to it funneling my fingers, so he couldn’t grind the bones together. I’d learned that fast. I wondered if that would be interesting on my application to the catering company. 
Experience: eating canapes off trays and mitigating the pain my fiancé wanted to inflict on my body. 
We stepped off the small patio into the doorway with the sound of the party filtering through the walls. 
Don’t do it, I told myself. Don’t look. He’s not for you. Not ever. 
But of course I couldn’t stop myself, and I looked back over my shoulder, but the Irishman was gone. 
Nothing was left of him but the taste of blood in my mouth.







M. O’Keefe is the darker, more dangerous pen name of bestselling author Molly O’Keefe. She is the USA Today Bestselling author of the Everything I Left Unsaid series and the upcoming Stolen Hearts. To find out more visit

Release Blitz: “And Then There Was Her” Series: And Then There Was #1, By Author Jenika Snow, #ContemporaryRomance is #AvailableNow ~ #JenikaSnowAuthor @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: And Then There Was Her
Series: And Then There Was #1
Author: Jenika Snow
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 11, 2021
My job had taken me into the city. 
I’d taken myself into a bar afterward.
I’d only gone there for a drink, but then I saw her, sitting on that stage, singing her heart out, her words sad and sorrowful, her voice beautiful and calling to me.
I wanted to know more about her right then and there.
And after that night, after I took her back to my hotel, after we’d both been lost in pleasure, she left, no goodbye, not last name or phone number given to me so I could find her again.
Now, three months later, after trying to figure out where she was, searching the city, all but being a stalker, I was still nowhere close to finding out who Adele was. But that would change, because I was headed back to the city for work. My plan was simple.
Scour the city, go to every bar… find her, because leaving without making her mine was not an option.


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing February 22
Starting out as an avid reader, Jenika took up penning her first story and published it in 2009. Since then, she’s written books in just about every trope and sub-genre in romance.

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